A tribute to the doctors-Who lost both parents to COVID-19​

A tribute to the doctors

Health Hero’s- Doctors on the Frontlines of the Coronavirus Fight

Gratuitous to say, doctors, nurses and people operating in health-care sectors are intensely vulnerable to the highly infectious disease.

Because of the worldwide pandemic, the under-resourced specialists are confronting extraordinary difficulties.The rundown of the restless hero incorporates doctors, nurses, clinical cleaners, pathologists, paramedics, emergency vehicle drivers, and medical services heads.In the battle against Covid, the fearless clinical armed force remains steadfast with thermometers, stethoscopes, and ventilators as their weapons. Not to fail to remember, clinical specialists are working day in and night out despite seemingly insurmountable opposition, hoping to find the antidote to the disease.

Since the Covid outbreak, medical care experts have not just encountered the satisfaction of recuperating patients and saving their lives yet have additionally lost numerous fights along the way. In addition, numerous doctors and nurses have even sacrificed their own lives in the line of obligation.

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A tribute to the doctors, nurses and medical staff from around the world who lost their lives in the fight against COVID-19.

Many soldiers have seen first-hand the terrors of war and, frightening though it often was, they identified who they were fighting, and could recognise their enemy.

The COVID-19 or the novel Corona Virus is so different. In this virus we have an enemy which is imperceptible and sometimes deadly, and the task is harder.

Nothing initiatives home the reality of adulthood quite so clearly as the death of a parent.

You might be furious, disturbed or wounded not to have had the chance to say goodbye in person, or to be there when your loved one parents passed.

Their death was perhaps unexpected, so you might feel speechless and unprepared. Dealing with the loss of a loved one at any time is disturbing. Losing parents during the coronavirus pandemic, whether to COVID-19 or to other reasons, will bring additional challenges.

A tribute to the doctors-

This poem on behalf of Children who lost parents during covid 19

I know jasmine is your favourite flower, 

If jasmine grow in bliss,

 Lord, please pick a bundle for me,

 Give them in my Mother’s hands,

 and tell her they’re from me.

And if snowfall in heaven,

Please Lord tell my Dad,

That I am missing him so badly.

Sun has now hidden behind the clouds,

I want to see the sun with you again.

It will never come back again and sparkle.

Dear Lord, please tell them ,

Without them, I don’t know how to survive,

Because remembering them is easy,

 I do it every day,

but there’s a throbbing within my core,

that will never go away.

When I close my eyes and see the rainbow wings,

 encircle me in my gloomiest moments, give me a hope when I am numb.

Somewhere in my spirit beneath

all my misery and soreness,

Is a smile I still apparel at

the sound of your cherished name.

They say memories are unique; well, maybe this is factual. 

 But I never wanted memories.

I only wanted to live with them.

 Somewhere in the darkness, a quiet professional is waiting. they didn’t care that they were tired,

They struggled to prevent the World from covid.

They sacrificed their daughter.

I know World will not remember their name

They don’t even know 

That my parents are a warrior 

But Lord, please tell them

I will write this poem to let World knows,

A Warrior Always stand and fight all night to 

keep us from harm,

And my parents, my warrior. 

Dear Lord, please tell them 

My tears are not a sign of my paleness;

Not a sign of my loneliness 

 they are a sign of the adoration I have privileged.

 They will eternally fall down my cheeks

 when I think of you with pride.

 I never told you enough how proud

I am to be called your lil Daughter,

 Now that both of you are gone, I want to show to the World

 My parents gave me much more than a name,

 My parents were the best example of

what humanity should be.

 I am stunned that someone would say that of me.



Take care of your mental health

You may experience increased stress during this pandemic. Fear and anxiety can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions.

Get immediate help in a crisis

A tribute to the doctors

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  • You just wrote something on behalf of my children. Every day I think about what is going to happen to them if I die. We don’t know what to do. I can’t leave behind my profession also can’t leave my kids alone. Even you are a fighter and brave girl, Even knowing your weakness, you just ignored and kept fighting every day for us. All of us have such a hard time every day. Some people are still rude to us, throwing cans and showing their arrogance, but we handle them with love and care. God Bless you. You are an amazing writer .

  • I couldn’t find any words to describe how emotional this poem is. Hats off to all the front-liner soldiers (All medical professionals, researchers, scientists, volunteers and all the other professionals who are fighting in this pandemic period). My sincere condolences to all the people who lost their loves ones in this battle. Thanks to the writer of this poem, you must have a beautiful heart.

  • Such a nice tribute. It is indeed sad that people can’t see their loved ones, even for the last time, because of the virus. It needs to just be gone already.

  • This is a very heartfelt tribute. Thank you for making this and for remembering the sacrifices of our health workers. They did their best to save lives even if their lives are in danger too.

  • This is so touching. Our frontline workers are putting themselves in danger each and every day to help save those of us who can’t save ourselves.

  • This touched me so deeply. I have nothing but admiration for the men and women who have given up so much to save the American public as much as possible from this virus.

  • Our medical professionals are doing so much to help the country right now. I think it’s terrible that people out there are still not doing their part to help get this thing under control.

  • This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for humanizing an otherwise inhuman pandemic. Sending love and light to all those who have lost loved ones and to the front line workers, may you be safe.

  • Steven Morrissette -

    What a nice poem. Covid has been hard on everyone specially on the medical staff. Its good to praise them and thank them for their courageous work.

  • Health workers are so important, especially now during a pandemic. I feel so grateful for nurses, doctors, and health workers in general. They are heroes.

  • Such a heartfelt poem and such a wonderful tribute to all the front line care workers. Their dedication, love and contribution is something we can never pay back

  • What an amazing blog post. I am crying over here and so grateful to those men and women who have sacrificed their lives to save others. They deserve more recognition and their families deserve to hear that they are considered heroes.

  • catherine santiago jose -

    A heartfelt and a wonderful tribute to all Frontliners. I know they are also afraid in this situation but they can’t turn it back because of their profession and their oats. May all these Frontliners be safe and healthy all the time.

  • What a great tribute to the parents and to the innocent children who have to endure such a significant loss. I can’t even imagine the pain they must be experiencing.

    Thank you for helping people to understand that this pandemic is real and that everyone should wear a mask and try to social distance so that we can save the lives of health care workers and all impacted by Covid-19.

  • That must be so hard not being able to be there for your loved ones – I am relieved that my mom and dad have passed away a few years ago and didn’t have to go through this 🙂

  • Kuntala Bhattacharya -

    This is awesome and so nice of you to pay tribute to the doctors, nurses and medical staff who are fighting to save the lives from COVID. And in turn they are taking too much of a risk but they are doing it smiling.

  • All these Frontliners are the new heroes of this world, without them, no one will take care of those infected people. I know how hard their work and how hard they work to save the life of those people and one thing I can help them is to stay at home and to always follow all the health protocols.

  • We need to recognize our medical industry and those that work in it – they do so much for us! Especially now!

  • We definitely need to recognize and praise those in the medical industry. They do so much for us with little to no thanks!

  • Awww, thanks so much for your post. As a nurse, I can tell, details like your post make our work worthwhile.

  • My prayer is that we will soon have a cure through the vaccines so no more lives will be lost to this deadly disease. So sad indeed.

  • As a doctor i can totally related with your article. And I am so glad that you actually doing such a great job.Not much people can understand our lost.

  • Not sure you gonna trust me or not but i just cried after reading your article which decorated with poem. Such a great work .

  • It is so amazing way to tribute to the fronliners. I really love the poetry so touchy.

  • Angela Charlson -

    So glad to know that you doing such a great tribute to them. Doctors ,nurses all of them our real heros and we shouldnt forget to thank them.

  • I am so glad that i found your magazine. I am with you standing and giving salute to the Frontliners.

  • This is so touching. No words will ever be enough to thank our healthcare professionals for the work they´ve done all these years, especially more so in 2020. My sister-in-law is a nurse so I know how difficult it can be.

  • This is such a lovely tribute. I really wish them all the best, Covid is so brutal.

  • A beautiful tribute and reminder. Thank you for sharing this…it is a hard time for all of us but I think sometimes we forget what those on the front line have to experience daily.

  • This pandemic is such a scary time. So many people have lost loved ones, and it is just devastating. This is a wonderful tribute to those lost.

  • I have no word to say anything to you.You have done such a great job. I am sure you have a big heart.

  • Not sure how i appreciate your step. As a nurse i know what i am going through each day. I had to cried for a break . Bunch of love for you dear.

  • I find it so frustrating that some still don’t think this is a big deal. I’m very lucky to have not lost anyone close to me, and I would not with that on anyone. We need to work together to get through this.

  • catherine santiago jose -

    This poem is so beautiful! I felt how much you hurt but I also felt how proud you are to be their child.
    Your parents are truly the heroes of this present time. May God bless you!

  • This is a very nice gesture. The doctors and healthcare people are really struggling fo us and we owe a big tribute

  • Health care providers are so important, especially now during COVID-19. Many times we forget that they also have families. Lovely poem.

  • We really need to pay them more respect. Doctors are risking their life for us. Much love to them.

  • This is beautifully written and so heartbreaking at the same time. I salute all the healthcare professionals and their families! The real modern day heroes!

  • Needless to say, doctors, nurses and people who working in health care sectors are particularly vulnerable to the highly infectious disease. They are sacrifice their life for making safe and welfare humanity is priceless and deserves lifelong gratitude on our end. They are real modern heroes!

  • As a doctor sometimes we don’t have any option to leave work when my dad died with covid i felt so guilty because i had to work that day too. I couldn’t save him but trying to save others. Wish everyone can understand as you did. I am personally thankful to you for the tribute.

  • I was browsing your blog and found this post . I think read this post few times . Mind blowing poem with Tribute.

  • Healthcare providers need recognition like this. They have worked so hard this past year.

  • I’m so glad that you shared this tribute. Frontline workers are sacrificing their lives and we should not take their hard work for granted.

  • hiba abraham -

    You just god gifted my love.Please let people’s know your name .I am bit emotional thats why keep checking your poems and surprised .So deep with strong words just made more emotional.You know how to work with words.Just mind blowing.

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