Happy valentine’s day

Happy valentine’s day to my wonderful parents

I love you a lot, you should know

On this special day, I want to express myself again

That no one gives more love than you

You brighten every day and each second.

You’ve always been great parents

I am so glad you both are mine.

Deep in my heart, you always be my favorite valentine.

So on valentine’s day, I give to you

A forever place in my heart.

I couldn’t be the person I am

You are the substance of my life.

Valentine’s Day is also about adoring yourself.

Inspire yourself, trust in yourself and love yourself.

never hesitation who you are.

Happy valentines to you my destiny

Your praise and support

Make everything seem possible

And I know that very well

You always be there for me

To give me encouragement when I need it.

On Valentin’s day, I want you to know you all

That I love you, I appreciate you

And I feel so blessed.

I love you a lot in every way,

And I’m wishing you all Happy Valentine’s Day!

 Collected from Magazineup.com


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