Please Say NO To Child Labour

Please Say NO To Child Labour

Our depressed eyes are exhausted of weepy

Our sentiments are bizarre of fading
Just remember
You were a child once too just like us .

Our wounds and bruises aren’t healing
As we do this day by day.

We are Starving and trembling, and nowhere to go;

All day, all the day, in the dust, in the heat,

We work for you ,

It’s like they sense, but have no feelings,
And aren’t worried of what we have to say

Praying and hoping and desiring,

while perceptive that from deficiency we cannot escape.

Begging for someone to help us.

We deserve an existence
A life where we have no work to do.

We want to play like others

We want to go to school  ,We are bushed of doing this everyday.

Now Can you please raise your voice with us and just say

Stop child labour

So our slogan is not just noise
If you had a soul
You’d receive my voice

And stop child labour .

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  • All of us has lived that moment of our childhood. Look at us and look at them. And so No to Child Labour. Very nice!

  • I am saying no to child labor and yes to help them live a free and happy childhood. Thank you for the reminder.

  • So our slogan is not just noise
    If you had a soul
    You’d receive my voice

    And stop child labour

    -the above quote hit me so hard. A lovely expression it is

  • Yes, yes and yes. we need to spread that message and raise the awareness. child labor is not right, children need to have safe childhood

  • What a profound message in a nicely laid out post! Recently I interacted with Nobel Peace Laureate Mr Kailash Satyarthi, who advocates child rights and raises his voice against child labour… and you do the same. So great job and you can count me in for your efforts!

  • Amanda jonathan -

    Really can’t even imagine it’s still happening. I know you very well, and I know that only you can write such a beautiful awareness poem. I told my daughter today, look at her, and you should follow her way. Not much ppl can take a risk to say something like this. God bless you.

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