Your Smile is my extreme goal


Permit me to require you to see the fireflies.
Don’t be anxious of the darkness.
Sometimes in haziness, you’ll discover the beauty.
Silence can occupy you
But there’s wonderful music at night.
You just have to be open to listen to it.

Do you like to see the northern lights?
Allow me to take you on top of the mountain.
You may be afraid of the height.
However, you’ll continuously feel the tender breeze.
I will hold your hand to climb the mountain.
I can guarantee you a great time

Let me take you to the ocean
You might get wiped by the wave
But believe me, the view of the sea is amazing.
The seagull will move with you.
And the water of the ocean will bring a grin to your face.
We can build our sand castle together.

I’ll give this life, lose each victory,
whatever be the price, I’ll deliver you boundless love.
I’ve broken all my boundaries now,
Having given me the address, you became wandering.
My wishes have recently gone to meet you,
You have recently gotten to be my final supplication.

I’ll protect you each moment from pain,
I’ll be a tree and secure you from sunlight
You as it were are wish, you simply are desire,
What else remains presently.

To the road of my heart, come like showers
Let the caravan of my dreams be drenched,
What you murmur, as it were, is my tune.
Where you smile, that as it were is my goal.

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